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3D Printing
In the latter half of 2019 we decided to expand into the 3D printing sector, we purchased a Monoprice Mini Delta with a build size of 110mm Diameter by 100mm high, we soon realised that this was not going to be big enough as we were being asked to print bigger items that we could not accomodate. We then decided to purchase a Geeetech A30, this printer has a build size of 320mm x 320mm by 420mm high, giving us a huge capacity boost. In January 2021 we purchased a further printer but instead of an FDM type (Fused Desposition Modelling) we purchased a resin printer as resin type printers can offer upto 10 times the amount of detail that a standard FDM printer offers and although the build platforms are not huge they are bigger than the Mini Delta. We can print in Resin, PLA, PLA+ and PETG Filaments with a variety of different colours including a wood filament that can be sanded and stained as required post printing. We use Simplfy3D or Chitubox to slice all our models and we can source or create our own models for printing. Please see some of the pictures below of 3D prints and if you have a requirement for a printed part then please contact us.