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Welcome to the Saint Skarlett’s website. My name is Helen and I am an original self-taught, imaginative artist and crafter who lives up a mountain on the beautiful North Wales coast. I was born into a creative family and grew up with an older brother who is so skillful making products out of all sorts of metals, plastic and wood, he designs his own products using computer design packages. My father is a photographer and enjoys sketching and portrait painting. My mom is a crafter and flower arranger, they are all very much ‘hands on’ people and always encourage the ‘can do’ attitude. Being creative has been a big part of my life although I have never had any formal training I have always loved discovering the beauty in creating artefacts in different mediums. I also love to learn so in 2014 I went on a voyage to learn as many mediums as I could and loved the journey. All of us in life have issue’s, we can be haunted by our past, have fears for the future or face pressures of our present, it’s how you deal with these times that matter. Whenever I am facing any worrying issues I turn to art and crafting as a release, a few moments away from the real world inside the comfort of my own head space helps me relax and gives me a sense of happiness. Depending how I am feeling determines what medium I work in, hence I do lots of different varieties of art and craft work. When people buy your work or compliment you on your craft, that’s when you know you have done a good job. Please feel free to contact us, by email or using our contact form, you can also find us on Facebook using the link below. Thank you for visiting our website. Helen
Saint Skarlett's Artist Helen